Upcoming NewsAugust 19, 2016December 17, 2019Sky

Hey Friends!  I think I’m starting to get the hang of this blogging thing.  The words are starting to flow more freely when I sit down to type.  That is a good thing because I have a lot of ideas in my head that need to be shared.  Since this is a new business and I am just starting out, I thought I would share with you some ideas that I’ve been tossing around for the website and some upcoming planners .

I’m actually thinking about adding some ads to the website.  I have a lot of extra space that I feel I could make good use of with some products that I can stand behind.  I’ve also been considering adding a form to collect emails for a mailing list.  When I get more followers I can send out emails with updates and new planners listed.   Keep in mind that I am in the newbie stage right now so it’s a matter of gathering my research and figuring out which direction I want the website to go.  It’s all new, exciting, and terrifying at the same time.  I am out of my comfort zone but through trial and error I will get the website to where I want it to be.   I love a challenge and learning new things, and while I may have learned so much already, there is still much to learn.

The creative process for the next planner has already started.  I’m currently working on a Christmas Planner and possibly a New Year’s Eve Party Planner.  If I have time once those planners are done, I will try to get a Halloween Party Planner completed.   I am gearing up for the holidays and creating the forms to hopefully make your holidays less stressful.  I think the Christmas planner will be a fun planner to create, and I have so many ideas already that I can’t wait to see take form.

Thanks for stopping by and may your day be full of laughter and joy.

Happy Planning!