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6 Benefits of Using a Mood Tracker

Hey Everyone, The first of the year is a great time for people who journal and use planners to start a new tracking for the year.  The last couple of years mental health has become a priority for so many.  One of the trackers that

4 Styles of Journaling

Hi Everyone, If you have had a chance to see my 2024 youtube video then you already know that I have been venturing out into the world of journaling for a change.  I thought I would start off with explaining the different styles of journaling.

Freebie Friday Ultimate Year in Review

Hi Everyone, Freebie Friday has been my labor of love to the planner community.  I’ve been providing Freebies since 2016.  If you ever want to look back or if you missed a year or two, these links will take you directly to it.  All of