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Over 500 Things To Track In Your Planner/Journal

Hi Everyone, Back in 2016, I challenged myself to see if I could create a list of things to add to my planner.  At that time, I had come up with roughly 87 things.  After many years of experience with planning it was time to

6 Benefits of Using a Mood Tracker

Hey Everyone, The first of the year is a great time for people who journal and use planners to start a new tracking for the year.  The last couple of years mental health has become a priority for so many.  One of the trackers that

4 Styles of Journaling

Hi Everyone, If you have had a chance to see my 2024 youtube video then you already know that I have been venturing out into the world of journaling for a change.  I thought I would start off with explaining the different styles of journaling.