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Freebie Friday – May 6, 2022

Hey Everyone, This week’s Freebie Friday is dedicated to Sunday which is Mother’s Day.  There are all kinds of mom’s out there and too many to list.  Mom, this freebie is for you.  Take the day off and play in your planner and have fun

Freebie Friday – April 15, 2022

Happy Friday, This Sunday is Easter and I’ll be honest, I don’t celebrate like I used to when the kids were younger.  I used to get so excited to dye eggs with the kids and hide them.  This is how into Easter my family was. 

Freebie Friday – October 21, 2021

Happy Friday, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I used to love to get all dressed up and be someone else for one day.  Yes even as an adult. lol.  Anyway, this week’s Freebie Friday is a favorite.  If you haven’t already decorated the