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Pre-made Fitness Layout in an Outdated Planner

Hi Everyone, As most of you know, I am a Happy Planner Girl all the way.  As much as I love MAMBI, not always is their taste the same as mine.  One of the things I love about the Happy Planners is that I can

Insert Important Date Here

In August of 2016, I posted “Planner Power”. In the article, I discussed the benefits and importance of writing things down on paper.  Which if you are anything like me, unless I have it written down I will not remember it.  As we get older, it

8 Tips For Your Habit Tracker

The first of the year is when most people make their resolutions and hopes for the New Year.   For some it’s a desire to break a habit such as smoking and others to make a new habit of drinking more water.  A habit is basically