Welcome to My Life Planners!!!

Hi, My name is Sky.  I would like to welcome you to My Life Planners.  I have always been somewhat of an organization fanatic.  My Life runs smoother when I have a plan and things are organized in a planner, binder or notebook.  Once I

Freebie Friday – July 3, 2020

Happy Friday Everyone, July is a special month for me because it is the month of my little sister’s birthday.  So naturally this week’s Freebie Friday is in honor of sisters.  Whether you have a real sister or an adopted friend sister, it’s time to

Freebie Friday – June 26, 2020

Hi Everyone, This week for Freebie Friday I am honoring the 4th of July holiday.   I imagine it will be a very different celebration from previous years.  Please remember to be safe and use your state’s safety precautions.  A week early so you can decorate

Freebie Friday – June 19, 2020

Happy Friday All, I’m getting an extremely late start on this week’s Freebie Friday.  I’ve done this topic before and it’s one of my favorites because it is something I use as a defense mechanism.  Those that know me, know that I have a weird