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Freebie Friday – June 2, 2023

Hi Planners, I missed posting this topic before the actual day but it’s still a fun one and what a nice way to show appreciation.  April 25th was National Hairstylist Day.  I have the highest respect for this profession as I know what it’s like

Freebie Friday – May 26, 2023

Happy Friday Everyone, Are you ready for the three-day weekend?  This used to be a favorite time of year because it was the official kick off to summer.  My parents loved to go camping.  As for me my idea of roughing it is a Holiday

Freebie Friday – May 19, 2023

Hey Everyone, May 25th is National Wine Day.  This is a very popular topic as there are lot of planners that love wine.  Personally, I never had a taste for it but that just means more wine for you. Enjoy these fun wine stickers for