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9 Health Benefits to Using a Planner

When life gets busy and starts to spin out of control I tend to feel overwhelmed and struggle to keep my head above water.   That is when I turn to my planner as my life vest to keep me afloat and save me. There are

To Do List or Done List

We all have those days where we have a thousand and one things to do and have no idea how we are going to get everything done.  We start to feel overwhelmed and uncertain of where to start.  A To-Do List will help get you

8 Ways to Store Planner Stickers

In the planner world we all have that one thing that we love to collect for our obsessions.  It could be planners, pens, washi tape, clips, bands, or stickers.  I am a planner addict and tend to be a hoarder, so I have several collections