To Do List or Done ListDecember 5, 2016December 17, 2019Sky

We all have those days where we have a thousand and one things to do and have no idea how we are going to get everything done.  We start to feel overwhelmed and uncertain of where to start.  A To-Do List will help get you back on track and stay organized.  It makes things more manageable to get tasks done.

It can help with your memory and be a motivational tool.  Being able to write things down helps you remember and not forget the important things.  Seeing the items on your list can help motivate you to get tasks accomplished.  Whether it’s just being able to scratch it off the list or check the box that something is done.

What happens to the tasks that you weren’t able to get completed?  Do they get moved over to the next day or week?  Do you beat yourself up emotionally for not getting everything checked off your list? For some people, a To-Do list can be very intimidating when the items are not accomplished.  Life happens and what we plan for doesn’t always go exactly as we wanted.   This is where the Done List comes in.

A Done List is a list where you write down everything that you accomplished or did for the day.  It is a positive way to see what you did get completed even if it wasn’t listed on your To-Do List.

For myself, I am a To-Do List and Done List person.  I need the To-Do List to give me an idea of everything I need to get accomplished.  Even with the To-Do List, there are days that I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and going nowhere fast.  Once I write out my Done List and see all that I did accomplish I realize I did more than I thought I did.  In a sense that brings me a little planner peace.

Most planners are a To-Do List planner and if that works for you great.  If you are feeling a bit discouraged with the To-Do List, I encourage you to try the Done List method for a week and see for yourself.  I believe there is no right or wrong way to plan as long as you are doing what works for you and makes you happy.

Happy Planning,