9 Health Benefits to Using a PlannerMay 2, 2017December 17, 2019Sky

When life gets busy and starts to spin out of control I tend to feel overwhelmed and struggle to keep my head above water.   That is when I turn to my planner as my life vest to keep me afloat and save me.

There are many basic benefits of using a planner, such as:

  1. Remembering birthdays and appointments
  2. Habit Tracking
  3. It makes mundane tasks more fun with stickers
  4. Downtime from computer screens
  5. Built In memory keeping

For me using a planner goes much deeper than the basic benefits.  I have discovered several health benefits to using a planner:

  1. Less stress – Writing everything down and clearing my mind allows my brain to not be so cluttered. Whether I am journaling or just getting everything onto paper, my stress level has improved and I am much calmer.
  2. Healthy Eating – I actually eat healthy and avoid fast food by planning out my meals. It saves my wallet and I don’t have to wonder what’s for dinner every night.
  3. Memory Improvement – Creating lists frees up my brain to focus and remember other important things.
  4. More Prepared – With planning out my week and knowing what my schedule looks like at a glance I know when I have time to do something or not. Creating lists allows me to evaluate what is needed so I am prepared for projects and things that need to get completed.
  5. Accomplishments – I can evaluate my goals. Being able to cross something off my list and knowing everything I have completed gives a sense of accomplishment along with a feel good feeling which is great for my health.
  6. Improved Time Management – Knowing what needs to get completed allows me to juggle my time better and prioritize what needs to get completed first and the amount of time to get it done. I don’t feel the pressure of the having a time crunch like I did before.
  7. Increased Productivity – With my planner I have been able to get more tasks completed and be more productive.
  8. Relaxation – I plan for “Me Time” or “Down Time”. I make sure to plan some time for me to unplug from life and do something I enjoy, whether it be decorating my planner or reading a good book.  Being able to unplug and focus on myself does wonders for my frame of mind.  The old saying that you have to take care of you in order to take care of others is true.
  9. Happiness – Who would have thought that a paper planner could bring so much happiness but being able to plan and decorate with all the accessories makes me smile and keeps me happy.

My planner has become a valuable tool in my life and I would be absolutely lost without it, both physically and mentally.   Just having a planner doesn’t organize my life; I have to make it work by using it.  Hopefully, this list helps you recognize the health benefits you can have from using a planner.

Happy Planning