8 Ways to Store Planner StickersNovember 28, 2016December 17, 2019Sky

In the planner world we all have that one thing that we love to collect for our obsessions.  It could be planners, pens, washi tape, clips, bands, or stickers.  I am a planner addict and tend to be a hoarder, so I have several collections of planner supplies.  Today I wanted to share with you some of the ways that can be used to store planner stickers.  As you can see from the pictures below that I use a lot of these methods.

Photo or Scrapbook Paper Boxes – These can be purchased at craft stores fairly cheap as they tend to be on sale a lot. There are options of clear plastic boxes or the decorative cardboard box.  Pro to clear is that you can see the stickers.  Pro to cardboard is you can use it as a filing system for your stickers with dividers.

Photo Sleeve Albums – These are little brag books that most people use to put pictures in to carry in their purse. However, they work great to put small stickers in too if the sleeve isn’t too big.  This makes it easy to flip through and see the sticker.

Coupon Pouches – This is an accordion file type system. It has a rubber band attachment to close and keep the stickers from coming out.

Zip Lock Baggies – Snack size baggies can be purchased at the Dollar Store.  I use this method to put my small stickers inside. I can even punch the zip lock section and carry it in my planner when I’m on the go.

Pen Case – The MAMBI new pen case that came out in October is perfect for storing my MAMBI Sticker Books. Any pen case would work it doesn’t have to be MAMBI.   I carry my pens as well as my stickers and washi in this case for when I travel or I’m on the go.

Binder with Sheet Protectors – For full sheets of stickers that I have purchased or printed; I store these stickers in a clear sheet protector and place them in a 3 ring binder. This way they stay clean and nice for when I’m ready to use them.

Sticker Books – I have 2 of these that I recently made with my extra Happy Planner discs and card stock that I had available. There are lots of youtube videos online that can give you step by step instruction to create a sticker book.  My summary version is I measured out the size I needed for the sticker pages with added space for the punch holes.  Then I cut card stock to the measurement and attached a sticker page on the front and the back using double sided tape.  To complete the book, I used scrapbook paper to laminate a cover.  Sticker books are nice to view because it allows you to flip through and see the stickers that you want to use.  If you really want to be organized you can put the stickers in different categories and add a tab and divider in the book.

Storage Containers – There are several types of containers that can be purchased from the dollar or craft stores. I happen to be one of those people that likes to hand cut stickers when I’m watching television.  To me it is therapeutic.  I use the storage boxes for the functional stickers that I have cut out and use all the time in my weekly designs. 
I’m sure there are other methods to store planner stickers that I do not have listed here, but you get the general idea of ways that stickers can be stored.

Happy Planning!