Pre-made Fitness Layout in an Outdated PlannerJanuary 7, 2019December 17, 2019Sky

Hi Everyone,

As most of you know, I am a Happy Planner Girl all the way.  As much as I love MAMBI, not always is their taste the same as mine.  One of the things I love about the Happy Planners is that I can alter it to make it what I need easily.  When the Healthy Hero Planner came out in October, I was very excited until I started looking at the layout and realized the layout does not work for me.  It’s safe to say I am not a fan.  I needed to find a layout that would work for me and my lifestyle.  I also needed to save money and recycle an old clearance planner.  I put my creativity to work and came up with the Pre-Made Fitness Layouts.  I initially created it for Weight Watchers in the Classic Happy Planner size.  It was such a hit that I received a lot of requests for a Pre-Made Fitness Layout for Keto and in other sizes.  I heard the requests and was able to create the Pre-Made Fitness Layout for both Weight Watchers and Keto programs in a variety of colors for the Big, Classic and Mini size planners.

Another reason I really like the Pre-Made layouts as I have said before, it makes decorating easy and takes less time.  For this project I needed to cover the whole page of the outdated planner.  The layouts were perfect to re-date and cover the old weekly layout for the new fitness one that works for me.  Another benefit is the layout can be used over and over for however many layouts you need.

To take a peek at my finished fitness planner that I created using a clearance planner can be seen here.

If you like the layout and would like to use it for yourself and create your own fitness planner with a recycled outdated planner please check out My Life Planners Etsy Shop and check out fitness for all the sizes.

Happy Planning,