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Freebie Friday – June 3, 2022

Happy Friday, It’s a new month.  Once again, this year is flying by.  This week is a topic I wish I had the patience to learn and knowledge of how to do it.  My mother loved to sew and found it very relaxing.  It has

Freebie Friday – June 5, 2020

Happy Friday, I must admit, this week has left me disorientated and I feel like I am scrambling around to get this Freebie Friday done.  I literately did not know what day it was. If you are like me this has become an regular occurance

Freebie Friday – July 20, 2018

Hi Everyone, As most of you know, I try to offer a variety of different feature themes for Freebie Friday.  Not every feature will be as popular as some. This week’s feature has been on my list for a long time.  As a kid, I