Recipe PlannersApril 11, 2017December 17, 2019Sky

As you know, I am a self-proclaimed planner addict.  MAMBI Happy Planner did their new release for the 18 month planners and they included a beautiful Recipe Planner with that release.  Much like washi tape, at first I did not understand what all the fuss was about until I broke down and purchased one for myself.

I brought the MAMBI Recipe Planner home from the store and ohhh’d and ahhh’d over how beautiful it was.   Like a kid at Christmas I quickly went to my planning area and started decorating and getting ready for the recipes to be added.  It was then I realized that the planner was too pretty for my horrible handwriting.

Being the problem solver that I like to think I am, I had a new mission to find a way to make a recipe planner that could be typed and I didn’t need to use my own handwriting to do so.

I remember reading a Facebook post where someone had typed up their recipe on clear sticker paper and then applied the sticker over the recipe page.  It looked beautiful and was very fancy.  I thought I had found the solution.  I priced how many pages I would need of the clear sticker paper and came to the reality of the small fortune I would be paying for one nice Recipe Book.   The other option was to physically put the recipe sheet in a typewriter and type each one.  I happen to be a person who can type fast but only on a keyboard.

Back to the drawing board I went to figure out my dilemma.  “Forms for Life” is my motto and it happens to be something I love doing and have a strong passion for.  It made sense that I create my own Recipe Planner Insert and make it editable at the same time.  I fell in love with the idea and the fact that I could print numerous copies to make other DIY Recipe Planners to give as a Wedding or Christmas gift.  The possibilities are endless.

I took my idea a step further and created the Recipe Planner Inserts in all 3 sizes of Happy Planner because not everyone uses the same size.  I’m very happy to share that My Life Planner Recipe Planner Inserts are now available at the shop in various colors and all sizes of Happy Planner.

That is all the ramblings I have for you now, and until next time,

Happy Planning