Planning with FUNctional StickersNovember 2, 2016December 17, 2019Sky

My quest this week was to learn about planning with functional stickers.  Before I could begin I had to find out what exactly is a functional sticker.  According to the dictionary functional means capable of serving the purpose for which it was designed.  My interpretation from a planning perspective is that a functional sticker is designed to help me keep track of something.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck on what to keep track of in your planner, this article “87 Things to add to your Planner” is for you.

Your battle is half way over once you have an idea of what you want to record and track.  You will then need to find a sticker that can function for your purpose.  For myself, I use more functional stickers than I do the fun ones.  Mainly because I’m an A type personality and I have a bit of OCD in keeping track of things.

One of the planners I use is specifically for my business and blogging. I sat down and evaluated what I needed that could assist me in keeping track of statistics for my business and website.  Because I blog, I thought maybe a blog sticker would come in handy to help me with the steps that I go through before and after I publish a blog post.  I decided I needed a “Functional Sticker” that would allow me to write my numbers in on a daily basis.  Please click on the sample below to get a better view of how I use my functional stickers.  If you are interested in these stickers they can be purchased at My Life Planners shop.


Whether you are keeping track of appointments, birthdays, water consumption, meals, steps, daily chores, or whatever; all functions could use a sticker.  Planning and doing tasks can be tedious but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun and colorful.  I actually look forward to writing on the sticker or checking off a task in my planner.

What I learned from my quest this week is that planning puts the fun in FUNctional stickers.

Happy Planning!