87 Things to Add to Your PlannerOctober 12, 2016December 17, 2019Sky

As the planner craze grows and gets more popular I seem to be getting asked the question of “What can I put in my planner?”  I have found that the answer is simple because there is no wrong or right way to use your planner.   What works for one may not work for another.

However, the question inspired a challenge to make a list of everything that I could put in my planner.  My list got so big that I decided to share for those who are staring at a blank page and not sure where to start.  I started with different categories and went from there.  Some of these are self-explanatory but I still included them in the list.


  1. Birthday/Anniversary – Keep track of all the important dates.
  2. ICE Contacts – In Case of Emergency numbers.
  3. Contacts – Friends and family’s address and numbers.
  4. Clothing Sizes – Family sizes for when you are shopping for gifts.
  5. Recipes – All your favorite recipes at your fingertips.
  6. Shopping List – We all have these whether it be grocery or a quick run to the hobby store.
  7. Kids Activities – This could be anything from (sports, dance, music, games, practices, etc.).
  8. Gift Ideas – Always good to have when the holidays are coming.
  9. Wish List – For when someone wants to know what you want for your birthday.
  10. Holiday Events – Keep track of the parties you have to go to or parties you are planning.
  11. Family Gatherings – Reunions, holidays, birthdays or just for dinner.
  12. Vacations – Keep track of all the dates and planning.
  13. Packing List – Goes with vacation or even a child’s sleepover. Know what you need.
  14. Meal Planning – Plan what’s for dinner to help save time and money.
  15. Pet Records – Appointments or shot records. They are our fur babies.
  16. Cleaning Schedule – Daily, weekly, monthly, spot cleaning or deep cleaning.
  17. House Maintenance Schedule – Keep track of when to change filters or prepare for the season.
  18. Home Improvements – List of things you want to change or improve on your home.
  19. Car Maintenance Log – Keep track of the oil changes and when to service.
  20. Shipping Orders – Keep track of when you expect an order to be delivered.


  1. Food Diary – Record what you eat.
  2. Exercise Tracker – Keep track of what days you exercise.
  3. Step Tracker – Know how many steps you take each day.
  4. Weight – Know how much you have lost or gained.
  5. Body Measurement – Know whether you are losing or gaining inches.
  6. Water Intake – Are you getting your daily 64oz of water in each day?
  7. Symptom Tracker –Know symptoms to help with your health.
  8. Period/Fertility Tracker – Are you late or is it coming?
  9. Medicine Tracker – Record your meds and when you have taken them. Good reminder.
  10. Vitamin Tracker – Keep track of what vitamins you are taking.
  11. Sleep Tracker – When you need to know how many hours you sleep.
  12. Appointments – The yearly physical or not feeling well.
  13. Appointment Reminders – To remind you to make the annual appointment.
  14. Health Insurance Info – Good to have in case you need it.


  1. Bill Due Dates – Reminders for when your bills are due. Never be late.
  2. Saving Tracker – Helps you keep track of how much money you are putting away.
  3. Budget – To help you stay on track.
  4. Expense Log – Know where your money is going.
  5. Statements – Reminders to balance your bank statement.


  1. Payday – Know when you are getting your money.
  2. Paid Holidays – Know which holidays you get a day off with pay.
  3. Mileage Log – Keep track of miles you can get reimbursed for.
  4. Hours worked – Know how many hours you should get paid for.
  5. Business Income/Expenses – Keep track of the funds coming and going.
  6. Passwords and Logins – Not a bad thing to have if you need it.
  7. Project Due Dates – Know when your deadline is.
  8. Blog Posts – Keep track of when you post on your blog.
  9. Blog Stats – Keep track of the stats for your blog.
  10. Blog Ideas – Never know when an idea will strike to write it down.
  11. Blog Goals – Keep track of where you want to be and see your progress.
  12. Social Media – Keep track of where you have posted what with social media.


  1. Class Schedules – Keep track of what time a class starts.
  2. Grade Tracker – Record your grades so you know how well you are doing.
  3. Assignment Due Dates – Know when your deadline is.
  4. Test Date – Know when to study for that upcoming test.
  5. Study Time – Schedule time to study for that upcoming test.
  6. No School – Know the dates you don’t have to go to school or class.
  7. Campus Events – College students know what events are being hosted.
  8. Fees Due Dates – Know when your tuition, lab or book fee is due.
  9. Dances and Parties – Class parties or dances keep track.
  10. Sign-up Deadlines – Keep track of when you have to be signed up for an event or club.



  1. Restaurants – Keep track of restaurants you want to try or have tried.
  2. Books – Keep a list of the books you want to add to your reading or have read.
  3. Movies – Keep a list of the movies you want to see or have seen.
  4. Places – Keep a list of the places you want to visit or have been
  5. TV Shows – Keep track of episodes you want to watch on favorite tv shows.
  6. Video Games – Keep a list of video games you want to play or have played.
  7. Games – Keep a list of sporting events you want to go to or see.
  8. Concerts – Keep a list of concerts you want to go to or see.
  9. Travel – Keep a list of places you want to travel or have traveled too.


  1. Daily Habit Tracker – Keep track of a habit you are trying to break or make.
  2. Inspirational Quotes – List your favorite quotes to look back on and inspire you.
  3. Gratitude Log – Make a list of the items you are thankful for.
  4. Prayer List – A list of those who you want to pray for.
  5. Bucket List – Have the fun of being able to scratch off those items you want to do.
  6. Scriptures – Keep a list of your favorite scriptures and add to them.
  7. Journal – Write your thoughts and feelings down.
  8. Emotions – Keep track of your emotions so you know how you were feeling.
  9. Challenges – Keep track of progress of challenges for yourself.
  10. Dream Log – Write down your dreams
  11. Online Research – Keep a list of things you want to research online when you get to a computer.
  12. Monthly Calendar – Month at a glance to see the month.
  13. Weekly List – Week at a glance to see the week.
  14. Daily To Do List – Know what you need to get done in that one day.
  15. Weather Tracker – Keep track of the weather and know when it rained.
  16. Scrapbook – Turn pages into a scrapbook with photos of loved ones.
  17. Goals – Keep track of your personal goals and where you want to be.

I apologize for the long read.  As you can see anything and everything can be put in your planner.  It all depends on what you want to plan and keep track of.  Hopefully, this list has given you some suggestions on where to start or even something new to add that you haven’t thought of.

Happy Planning!