Planner BasicsNovember 21, 2016December 17, 2019Sky

Some people were introduced to planners by a friend, a co-worker, a sibling, or a parent.  For others like myself, we stumbled upon the planner world by accident. Maybe accident isn’t the right word to use because ever since I found the world of planners it has been a positive thing in my life.  For someone who is new to planners it can be a very overwhelming experience.  When I was a newbie and saw all the elaborate decorating and all the writing in some planners, my head was spinning with a sense of excitement and intimidation.  I see a lot of people asking what do they need to get started into planning.  This had me asking myself; what are the planner basics?  I had to create a list because this is what I do now that I plan everything.  Planner addicts will appreciate that.

  1. Planner – There are many planner brands out on the market to choose from. Before you purchase a planner, you need to ask yourself a few questions.  What will your planner needs be?  What will you be putting in your planner?  Here is an article to help you get an idea of what to put in your planner “Planner Ideas A to Z”.  Will a planner make your life easier?  Will you be carrying your planner with you? What size are you considering?  What do you want the layout to be for how you want to set it up?  Will you need a coil, notebook or disc set up; to where you can have the option to remove and add things to your planner?  Will you want to decorate or keep your planner plain?  Do you want a monthly, weekly, or daily view?  Will you need to have an hourly set up?  Once you have established your needs and wants, you will have a clearer picture of which planner is for you.  Don’t be discouraged if you are struggling to find the right planner.  It can take some time to figure out which planner fits your needs.  I personally went through 3 planners before I found my Happy Planner Peace.
  1. Writing Utensil – Everyone is different and this is a basic preference for what you like to write with. It can be a pen that flows or even one that glows in the dark.  All you need is something that you enjoy writing with.  Whether it be the colors or the smooth flow of the ink, there is no right or wrong choice.
  1. Page Markers – This is not necessary a basic need for planning, but if you would like to mark your place or section off your planner these items can help. There are several that you can choose from:  A cute clip aka “paperclip” or dashboard or divider that can be used to mark your spot in your planner.  Whatever you like that will work for you.
  1. Decoration – There are many options to choose from when it comes to decorating your planner. Washi tape, stickers, stamps, stationary, note cards, post it notes are just a few to be named. “Planner Decorating on a Dollar Store Budget” might help you get some ideas on how to decorate without braking the bank.
  1. Imagination – What you put in your planner comes from within you and what you create. There are lots of groups on FB that you can join to get planner inspiration.  You can even check out Pinterest or Instagram to help you get ideas on how to decorate or use your planner.  Always remember there is no right way or wrong way to use your planner.  If it works for you that is all that you will need.

No matter which method or planner you decide to use; it only works if you use it.  There is some discipline involved and only you can make that happen.  Planning is meant to keep you organized, on track and most importantly to have fun.  If you aren’t getting any of that from planning, then you aren’t using the right system for you.

Happy Planning