Planner Decorating On A Dollar Store BudgetOctober 5, 2016December 17, 2019Sky

How many times have you told yourself that you are on a “no spend month”?  If you are a planner addict chances are you have heard that phrase many times.  Something comes over us when we enter the craft store and we end up purchasing things whether we need them or not and justify that we will use it later.

There are cheaper ways to decorate our precious planners.   We don’t always have to have the big name brands to accomplish a beautiful layout in our planners.  I went in search of a cheaper way to see if it is possible.

The basic essentials needed to decorate a planner can be found at your local dollar store.  Dollar stores aren’t what they used to be.  They now have just about everything you need at a fraction of the cost.   Where I live we have several Dollar Tree stores so that is where I went for my search.

  • Rainbow colored pens. – There was a wide variety of colored pens of every color that could be used for writing in your planner.
  • Stationary – Lots of different stationary, some with lists that would be perfect for to-do or shopping lists.
  • Post it notes – Different sizes, shapes, and colors with lines for writing.
  • Stickers and sticker books – Variety of choices. If you can’t find stickers you like at the dollar store you can look online for free printable stickers.  If you really want to save money you can print to paper and glue the stickers on with a glue stick or double sided tape.
  • Glue sticks – 4 pack of glue sticks.
  • Double sided tape – If you aren’t a fan of glue sticks you can use the double sided tape.
  • Washi tape – I was very surprised to find washi tape at a dollar store but there it was on the shelf and begging to be purchased.
  • Clips – Decorative binder clips to use for marking your place.
  • Storage – Cheap storage containers to put all your goodies in and keep them in one area.

The dollar store will have a lot of hidden treasures on the shelves you just have to look for them.  The best part is you are getting each item for a $1.00. If you are overwhelmed with the costs of the craft stores and still want to decorate your planner, it can be done on a dollar store budget.

Happy Planning!