6 Pros For The Happy PlannerOctober 3, 2016December 17, 2019Sky

The planner rage is upon us and it is more popular than ever before.  Not only are planners great for planning and organizing our busy schedules but they are an outlet to show our creative side.  Planner decorating is part planner and scrapbooking.  Who knew playing with stickers, colored pens and planning could be so much fun?

With so many planners out on the market the choices are endless.  There is no right or wrong planner.  It is more your personal preference and what works for you.  I personally use several different planners.  When I have a life event coming up, such as a party or even a holiday, I prefer to use My Life Planners.  I can type in the forms before I save or print the form out.  I recently discovered that I can resize the My Life Planners forms to fit in my daily Happy Planner.  (see picture below)

HappyPlannerTopSecret   HappyPlannerChristmas

The Happy Planner has several features that I find very beneficial.

  1. Changeable Covers – I can replace the cover of the planner to fit the month or my mood.
  2. Disc Bound – I love being able to take the pages out to decorate, to take pictures of my weekly spread or add My Life Planners forms to my planner.
  3. Layouts – You have the choice of using horizontal, vertical, big, medium or mini size. There is a planner choice for everyone.
  4. Dividers – Options of dividers with or without pockets to put important papers, receipts, or coupons in the planner.
  5. Monthly Dashboards – The dashboards are a great place to put all the important events, goals and to reflect on the month.
  6. Planner Groups – I recently joined several planner groups on Facebook. It is great to share ideas and see all the wonderful creativity.  The people in these groups are very friendly and helpful.  It’s nice to belong to a community that is so positive.

No matter what planner you use, always have fun with it.  If you find yourself struggling to enjoy your planner then maybe it’s not the right one for you.   For me, I am thrilled with my Happy Planner.