2 Ways I Set Up My Pet PlannerOctober 19, 2016December 17, 2019Sky

My fur baby Snickers is a major part of my family and she really is my sidekick.  Back in August I did an article “Healthy Pet Healthy You” to introduce the Pet Planner.  Since that article, I’ve had a few people reach out to me to ask me how I set up my pet planner.  Today’s post is a follow up to do a bit of show and tell of how I set up my pet planner.

I currently have two pet planners.  I am a planner addict and I have admitted this and come to terms with my addiction.   I have taken some pictures below so that you can see how I have the pet planners set up and the benefit of each.  I have blackened out the personal information.  Please notice that the information is typed, which is one of the benefits of the planners that My Life Planners creates.  All of the forms and planners are fillable to where you can type right on the sheet prior to printing.  This is a great benefit for people like me who have messy handwriting.

In the first pet planner I have resized the pages and use them as inserts to my Happy Planner.   My planner goes everywhere with me, so by having the inserts of the important pages, the key information is with me at all times.



In the second pet planner I have it set up as a 3 ring binder with sheet protectors.  One of the reasons I like to use the binder as a pet planner is that I am able to put the pet license, rabies records, AKC certificate in a sheet protector and include it in the binder.  All of the information is nicely kept and safe.



Whichever version you decide to use, you will be happy to have your fur baby’s information available should you need it.

Happy Planning!