Freebie Friday – November 12, 2021

Hey Everyone, Weather can really affect a person’s mood.  There are some people that radiate sunshine wherever they go.  You can’t help but smile and be in a better mood for having spoken to them.  I currently have 3 people that brighten up my days

Freebie Friday – November 5, 2021

Happy Friday, It’s been a very busy week and as always there is never enough time.  Sorry for being so short and sweet.  I had to try to bring some humor to the week; so this week is about PMS and hopefully in a funny

Freebie Friday – October 29, 2021

Hey Everyone, This week’s Freebie Friday was actually the very first curse word I learned and now it’s used in everyday language.  To be honest, sometimes there is no other word to use.  With that being said.  Sometimes things just turn to “shit”.  Like my