Welcome to My Life Planners!!!September 28, 2016December 17, 2019Sky

Hi, My name is Sky.  I would like to welcome you to My Life Planners.  I have always been somewhat of an organization fanatic.  My Life runs smoother when I have a plan and things are organized in a planner, binder or notebook.  Once I get it on paper and out of my head; I can then stop stressing adn begin to feel more organized.  A few years ago, I had been looking for a wedding planner to give to my daughter as a gift.  In my search for the perfect wedding planner, I was unable to find the one planner that had everything I wanted.  It was at that time, that I was inspired to design and create my own wedding planner.  I found that I have a knack for creating forms, inserts and stickers and making them aesthetically pleasing.  My friends and family encouraged me to take my passion to the next level and My Life Planners was born.

My goal for My Life Planners is to provide easy downloadable planners, inserts, and stickers that are affordable and functional with style.  I would like to thank you for taking a moment to stop by and look around.  I have several items that are completed and up for sale in the Etsy Shop.  Please click on the shop link to view what items are available.  I’m always adding to the shop.

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I appreciate your interest and look forward to providing you with your planner goodies to help make your life easier.  Have a great day.

Happy Planning!