4 Styles of JournalingJanuary 5, 2024January 5, 2024Sky

Hi Everyone,

If you have had a chance to see my 2024 youtube video then you already know that I have been venturing out into the world of journaling for a change.  I thought I would start off with explaining the different styles of journaling.

Gratitude Journaling

In a gratitude journal, individuals focus on expressing gratitude for the positive aspects of their lives.  It involves writing down things they are thankful for.  This can promote a sense of positivity and well-being.

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Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is a system of tracking and organizing various aspects of life using bullet points, symbols and creative layouts.  It combines elements of a diary, planner, and journal into one.

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Travel Journaling

This type of journaling involves documenting travel experiences, adventures, and memories.  It may include descriptions of places visited, reflections on cultural experience, and preserving memorabilia like tickets or photographs.

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Creative Journaling

This journaling incorporates artistic elements such as drawing, painting, collages, and mixed media.  It allows for self-expression through different creative mediums alongside written reflections.

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No matter what style of journaling you decide to use; as long as it works for you, it is the right one.

Happy Journaling,