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Planner Basics

Some people were introduced to planners by a friend, a co-worker, a sibling, or a parent.  For others like myself, we stumbled upon the planner world by accident. Maybe accident isn’t the right word to use because ever since I found the world of planners it has been a positive thing in my life.  For

Planner Ideas A to Z

Being a member of so many Facebook Planner Groups allows me to stay up to date with planner information and news.  There seems to be a lot of new planners that are reaching out and asking for help on where to get started.  I like being able to share and help others with information I have

Planner Decorating On A Dollar Store Budget

How many times have you told yourself that you are on a “no spend month”?  If you are a planner addict chances are you have heard that phrase many times.  Something comes over us when we enter the craft store and we end up purchasing things whether we need them or not and justify that