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Freebie Friday – January 27, 2023

Happy Friday, Running a bit behind this week.  When I was a kid; I used to love to have hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day.  I always felt like a grown up because my parents had their hot coffee and I had hot chocolate. 

Freebie Friday – December 10, 2021

Hey Everyone, Christmas time always makes me think of hot chocolate with a candy cane and snow outside.  It is one of my favorite childhood memories.  It’s December in Colorado and no snow as of yet.  I guess you could say I’m reminiscing.  That is

Freebie Friday – October 26, 2018

Hi Everyone, When it starts getting colder outside and you want a hot drink, which do you reach for?  Being a non-coffee drinker; I reach for a hot cup of chocolate.  Hot chocolate is my version of coffee.  It warms my hands and my tummy