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Freebie Friday – November 24, 2023

Happy Black Friday Everyone! I am running very behind today so this week is short and sweet.  Cake Freebie Friday Quote Stickers. In case you missed previous cake Freebie Friday Planner Stickers; you can download 2018 from here. The freebie stickers will fit most planners

Freebie Friday – November 17, 2023

Happy Friday Everyone! November 23rd is officially Thanksgiving in the USA.  This holiday is special for bringing friends and family together to acknowledge what they are thankful for.  I’m not entirely sure if I will be cooking or not this year, but I do know

Freebie Friday – November 10, 2023

Hey Everyone, November 13th, is National Kindness Day.  Short and sweet this week as I am running behind.  We all could use more kindness in our lives.  Join me in adding kindness to your planners. In case you missed previous Kindness Freebie Friday Stickers they