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Freebie Friday – January 31, 2020

Happy Friday, This week’s Freebie Friday is one of my favorite foods and wouldn’t you know there is a special day for it.  February 9, 2020 is National Pizza Day.  What better way to get your planner ready and remind  you to have pizza to

Freebie Friday – January 24, 2020

Hi Everyone, I don’t know about your household but in mine, football is a big deal.  This week’s Freebie Friday is to help get you ready for the big game. I really don’t care which team wins as long as it’s an awesome game.  If

Freebie Friday – January 10, 2020

Hi Everyone, This week’s Freebie Friday has to do with movies.  Do you enjoying going to the theater to watch a movie?  For me personally, one of my favorite things about going to the movies is getting the buttered popcorn.  Yes, it’s not suppose to