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It’s a new year and that means new planners.  I admit this last year I wasn’t very good at staying true to my planner.  I have more blank pages than pages written on.  This year I am committed to stay on track.  I have recently gotten into journaling and not so much the Happy Planner.  Don’t get me wrong I will always love Happy Planner but after 7 years of using it, I needed a change to get my planner mojo back.  Journaling has been a huge blessing for me so I will be trying this approach this year.  Take a look at my 9 Journals and what I intend to use them as.

2024 Planner

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Click to EnlargeMy 2024 planner that I printed and created for myself.  Everything in this planner has been created by me.  It’s a new layout to me that I have never used before so we will see if it works.

Daily Journal

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As I stated I have really gotten into journaling this year.  I have literately fallen in love with the plush journals.  I’m pretty sure they are designed with kids in mind; but I have so much fun writing my day and thoughts in them.  I think because the journals are so much fun that it keeps me on track for journaling daily.

5 Years of Gratitude

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This is a 5 year gratitude journal that I created.  I really feel that I need to let more positive things in my life and be more thankful.  This is a few lines each day of the year for 5 years.  I will get to use this one for a long time.

Stats 2024 Business Companion

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Next up is my Business Companion for Stats.  This book allows me to track my Etsy statistics and website as well as write a short note as to what I worked on.  I actually created this year.  I went clear back to 2016 and created one for each year to condense my planner section.

Book Journal A Readers Companion

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This is one of the items I have in the shop that I sell.  I have waited since August to use this at the first of the year.  I’m very excited about keeping track of my reading this year.

Self Care Journal – Version I

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Self Care is something I really want to improve on.  This is Version I of what I sell in the shop.  It had a different cover as I changed my mind later after this one was created and I decided that I would use it.  It only has 3 months in it but if I can keep up with it I will move on to Version II.

When Was The Last Time Journal

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I am introducing this one to my collection but it’s more of a yearly instead of just 2024.  I have already been keeping track of items on an excel spreadsheet but I’ve been wanting a paper one for some time.  I have created inserts for when was the last time that are available free in the FB group.

About Me Journal

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The About Me Journal is something I sell in the shop.  Obviously, it was created because I wanted to have something to give to my kids when I’m gone.  This isn’t necessary for 2024 but when I feel like writing and answering the prompt questions.

Dear No One – Letters Never Sent

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Last in the lineup is another item I have been thinking about and wanted to have.  Have you ever wanted to send a letter to a loved one that you knew you would never send?  That is exactly what I created this for.  It’s not just for 2024, but so I have one location for letters I would never send.  This is not in Etsy yet, but I will be adding Letters to Heaven to this year.

As you can tell I have a lot of planner/journals for this year.  If you would like to see a flip-through of my planner/journals please check it out on youtube here.

From my family to yours have a healthy, safe and Happy New Year!