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Hi Everyone,

Back in 2016 I purchased several planners on clearance at Michael’s and I’ve been sitting on a few of them waiting to see what I could recycle and recreate with them.  I ended up creating a few Prompt Journals with two of them. When my daughter asked for a pre-decorated planner for Christmas I discovered another great use for the other clearance planners.  My daughter loves the decorated look of planners,  but with her busy schedule she did not have the time to sit and decorate it. As always here comes mom with a solution.

What is a Pre-decorated Planner?

The name speaks for itself. It is a year planner that has every page already decorated for you.  Check out 5 Benefits to Pre-Made Decorated Planner Stickers.

Supplies used:

Clearance or out dated Planner

Pre-Made Decorated Planner Stickers

Sticker Paper (Can usually purchase 100 pages pretty cheap on Amazon)

Scissors and/or a paper slicer

Hole Punch

The process:

I create inserts and stickers so why not create a decorated page sticker.  I started playing in my design program and came up with Pre-Made Sticker Layouts.  It’s basically the same concept as my Monthly Calendar Layouts where it’s a full sheet of sticker that I just peel and apply to the original page.  Take it a step further and add the dates prior to printing and TADA I have a decorated weekly layout that only took about 5 minutes to apply.  Considering I had 52 weeks to decorate for a full year, I knew that I had to create several of them in a short time. I created a few and tested them with the My Life Planners Freebie FB Group.  They were a hit so I kept going and created more for the Etsy shop and made those editable so the date information could be added to the layout prior to printing.  Some people spend up to 2 hours decorating their weekly layouts.  Can you imagine spending 104 hours decorating your planner in less than 2 months to be ready for Christmas? 

Well neither could I and even with the printouts I still I had to pace myself so I wouldn’t get burned out. This project took approximately 30 hours to complete.  I created 4 months worth at a time and then added them to the planner. Once the pages were printed and cut with my paper slicer the rest was easy.  The trick to lining up the sticker to cover the whole page is to start with a corner first and apply slowly using your hand to smooth as you peel the back off.  I must admit not all my pages are perfect but that is okay.

I can’t wait to see my daughter’s face when I finally give her the present.

Finished Pre-decorated Planner:

To see a Flip Through of the finished pre-decorated planner please click here.

I hope this blog and video has helped give you some ideas about pre-decorating and how to use an outdated planner.

Happy Planning!