Movie BuzzSeptember 23, 2016December 17, 2019Sky

As I stated before, I am branching out into creating planner stickers in addition to the planners that I currently create.  I have created my first set of stickers and they are up for sale on Etsy.  The stickers are of the Movie Theme.  Who doesn’t love a good movie?  I decided to do a movie theme because movies are a favorite.  I love to get lost in a good story that allows me to relate to the characters.  To escape for a couple of hours from the daily grind and not to mention eat popcorn.  For the movies that I cannot wait to see; I like to mark the date with a sticker in my planner to remind me when a movie is coming out.    Most date nights are dinner and a movie so I created a sticker for that too.

This is a new area of creation for me and I hope that you enjoy the stickers as much as I enjoy designing them.  I plan on adding more stickers to my shop when time permits.  It is a nice break to work on the stickers in between planners.

As they say in the movies “Stay Tuned” for more upcoming planners and stickers.  Have a great movie night.

Happy Planning!