Finding Planner PeaceOctober 31, 2016December 17, 2019Sky

With the release of the new MAMBI Happy Planner products this last week it has been a rollercoaster ride.  I image there are other planner addicts out there that know exactly what I’m talking about.  For many it has been Christmas in October.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit that last week I was in 6 different Michaels’ stores in 3 different states looking for my treasures.  Yes, I did say 3 different states.  What was I thinking?  In my defense of craziness, I was traveling on a road trip through these states anyway and stopped when I saw the Michaels store.  What is it about finding that one planner, cover, stickers or washi that makes us so happy and giddy like a school girl?  I like to call it a form of Planner Peace.

What is Planner Peace?

Planner peace can be many things and for each person it is completely different.  Since we all have our own styles of planners, organizing, decorating and formats, one person’s planner peace is not the same for another.

Planner Peace can be…

The Planner

  1. Brand – just to name a few popular ones Happy Planner, Erin Condren, Recollections, Kikki
  2. Style – disc or spiral
  3. Size – mini, medium, big
  4. Cover -hard, soft, deluxe
  5. Format – vertical, horizontal, monthly, hourly, journal
  6. Inserts -knowing what you want to plan and keep track of is half the battle
  7. Cost – who doesn’t love a good deal with a coupon

The Accessories

  1. Washi – finding the unicorn one you have been searching for
  2. Pens – using a pen that flows the way you want it to
  3. Stickers – let’s face it, stickers are fun
  4. Charms – the little piece of bling that shows off who you are
  5. Clips – the clip that speaks to you to mark your page
  6. Bands – the pretty flower that shows your love for beauty

The Accomplishments

  1. Lists – checking completed items off your list
  2. Decoration – feeling proud of the creativity you just made
  3. Calm – feeling you aren’t forgetting something because you have it in your planner
  4. Relief – having the outlet to brain dump and put all your thoughts down
  5. Organization – everything in its place and ready for you
  6. Quiet – those moments when you can spend 15 minutes to yourself to think and organize (busy moms will relate to this one)

Some may tell you that planner peace is not something you can purchase.  For some planners it is.  The challenge is finding what you are looking for and making it work for you.  Life changes constantly as do your commitments and priorities, your planner peace may change also.  The key to planner peace is to look within and figure out what you need to bring you that moment of (ahh) where everything is good.

May you find your Planner Peace and Happy Planning!