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Freebie Friday – April 12, 2019

Hi Everyone, It’s been one of those week’s for me and I could really use some inspiration.  That is why I’m sharing these colorful Freebie Friday Inspiration Quotes to help brighten up your planners. The freebie stickers will fit most planners but are the standard size of Classic Happy Planner at 1.5” x 2.5”. To download

Freebie Friday – April 5, 2019

Happy Friday, Raise your hand if you actually knew that April 9th is National Unicorn Day.  I honestly cannot raise my hand on this one.  I am constantly amazed at all the different “official” national (insert topic) days that exist.  Unicorns are the symbols of purity, innocence, and enchantment.  They are loved by children and

Freebie Friday – March 29, 2019

Hi Everyone, This week has been an emotional roller coaster for me, so I decided to dedicate this week’s freebie Friday to be Pet Planner Quote Stickers. In last week’s post I shared that my furbaby had dental surgery and wasn’t quite back to her normal self.  By mid-morning Friday she was struggling to breath