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Freebie Friday – October 1, 2021

Happy October, Can you believe it’s already October?  This year is just flying by.  This week’s Freebie Friday is on a topic that I’ve never done before.  Of course there is a day of celebration for this topic but it’s already passed this year. The

Freebie Friday – September 24, 2021

Hey Everyone, This week is a sport that I have no knowledge of to know much about it.  If you like being out on the green, this week’s Freebie Friday is for you.  If you haven’t figured out what it is, it’s Golf Planner Quotes. 

Freebie Friday – September 17, 2021

Hey Everyone, This week’s Freebie Friday is too late for World Otter Day which was in May but these were just too cute not to share.  At least you can use them to decorate your planner or plan ahead for World Otter Day in 2022.