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Freebie Friday – April 22, 2022

Hey Everyone, Saturday, April 23, 2022 is National Book Day.  This is a very popular topic for planner stickers.  Who doesn’t enjoy reading a good book and escaping into the plot?  I’m truly amazed at people that are able to read over 100 books a

Freebie Friday – April 15, 2022

Happy Friday, This Sunday is Easter and I’ll be honest, I don’t celebrate like I used to when the kids were younger.  I used to get so excited to dye eggs with the kids and hide them.  This is how into Easter my family was. 

Freebie Friday – April 8, 2022

Hey Everyone, Last year was the first time I had ever posted this topic.  One of the members of my FaceBook Group requested it.  It was such a fun popular topic that I had to do it again this year.  April 14, 2022 is Dolphin