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Freebie Friday – July 26, 2019

Happy Friday, This week’s freebie Friday may not be for everyone.  Especially if you are not a dog lover.  However, if you love animals you may enjoy it.  I had a request for Corgi Quote Stickers awhile back; and here they are.  I can’t always take requests but I do try to have something for

Freebie Friday – July 18, 2019

Hi Everyone, This week’s freebie Friday is probably the hardest job ever but also the most rewarding.  National Parent’s Day is the 4th Sunday of July.  This year it will be July 28, 2019.  To help you celebrate, freebie Friday is here to help.  Go ahead and thank a parent or take some credit for

Freebie Friday – July 12, 2019

Hi Gang, What is one of your favorite summer time treats?  Who doesn’t love ice cream?  I bet you did not know that Ronald Reagan declared the 3rd Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day.  This year it will be on July 21, 2019.   To help you get your planners ready; this week’s