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Freebie Friday – June 16, 2023

Happy Friday Everyone, I have re-read what I wrote in this topic’s previous Freebie Friday.  I must admit I am a terrible procrastinator.  Currently my new location for my craft room has one coat of paint on it and all the furniture is literately all

Freebie Friday – October 8, 2021

Happy Friday, Raise your hand if you were or still are a scrapbooker.  (Raises hands)  I admit I haven’t scrapbooked in a few years but I will be soon with my daughter’s wedding photos.  That is why this week’s topic for Freebie Friday is for

Freebie Friday – January 17, 2020

Happy Friday, Confession time:  I love planning.  I think one of the reasons I enjoy planning and being so creative with my planner decoration (aka no white space) is because I love to scrapbook.  I might be dating myself a bit here but I actually