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Freebie Friday – October 13, 2023

Hi Everyone, Short and sweet this week but who can’t get enough motivation?  This week is part 2 of the Motivation series for this year.  Enjoy these stickers and spread motivation. In case you missed previous Motivation Freebie Friday Stickers they can be downloaded here for part

Freebie Friday – October 6, 2023

Happy Friday Everyone, I love this time of year and cold days like today make me glad that I work from home.   I’m under a blanket cuddled up with my morkie and working on the computer.  This week’s topic is the dreaded four-letter word that

Freebie Friday – September 29, 2023

Hi Everyone, Today is National Coffee Day and probably one of the most popular topics.  Personally, I do not drink coffee but who doesn’t need another coffee sticker in their planners?  I do understand the need for caffeine to help get you started.  Hopefully these