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Freebie Friday – September 1, 2023

Hi Everyone, September 10, 2023 is Grandparent’s Day.  This week Freebie Friday is honoring this special day.  I’m not currently a grandparent but I am a grand-fur-parent. LOL.  Right now, I’m okay with that.  Join me in getting your planners ready for the celebration.  Enjoy

Freebie Friday – August 25, 2023

Happy Friday Everyone, When I was younger, I had both cats and dogs that grew up with me.  As an adult, I had a golden retriever which was the family dog.  Once the kids were gone and the golden had passed away, I then discovered

Freebie Friday – August 18, 2023

Hi Everyone, Today’s topic is personally one of my favorites.  Disclaimer, some people might be offended by this word.  We all have that one phrase or word that we use too much.  I have admitted this before.  The quote I use all the time is