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Freebie Friday – April 28, 2023

Happy Friday, Running behind schedule once again so here is a short and sweet one.  This week has always been a fun one for the ladies.  Freebie Friday is all about Makeup.  Go ahead and make your planner pretty with these fun makeup stickers. In

Freebie Friday – July 30, 2021

Happy Friday, Tomorrow is International Friendship Day so don’t forget to use last week’s Freebie Friday stickers. I decided to do a fun one that I haven’t done in a few years.  I imagine there were a lot of ladies who did not use this

Freebie Friday – 12/14/2018

Happy Friday, Some women do not leave the house without this week’s feature of Freebie Friday.   I don’t happen to be one of those women.   I don’t usually wear makeup except for special occasions.   When I do, I look like a totally