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Freebie Friday – September 10, 2021

Happy Friday, World Gratitude Day is September 21st.  If you follow my Instagram account you would know that I’m hosting a “21 days of Gratitude.”  Each day I provide a question of what you may be grateful for.  So naturally, I had to do honor

Freebie Friday – 9/3/21

Happy Friday, September 13th is a dedicated to National Celiac Disease Awareness?  In 1952, scientists in Birmingham, England, link celiac disease with gluten for the first time. What is Celiac?  Celiac disease is a genetic autoimmune disorder in which  a person who suffers from this

Freebie Friday – August 27, 2021

Hey Everyone, September 12th is not only Grandparent’s Day but it is also National Video Games Day.  Or as I call it Gamer’s Day.  So this week’s Freebie Friday is dedicated to all the gamer’s out there to celebrate in your planners.  Hard to believe