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Freebie Friday – January 22, 2021

Hello Everyone, February 2, 2021 is officially groundhog day.  This is an American and Canadian tradition.  If a groundhog emerges from it’s burrow on February 2nd and see’s it’s own shadow due to clear weather, it will retreat back to it’s den and there will

Freebie Friday – January 15, 2021

Happy Friday, Today is a topic that is very popular in the planning world.  We all have to do it at one time or another and sometimes we don’t even know we are doing it.  The first time my daughter told me adulting is hard,

Freebie Friday – January 8, 2021

Hey Everyone, Getting a very late start today with Freebie Friday, so this one will be short and sweet.  National Soup Day is February 4th this year.  This is a topic I’ve never done before but I thought it would be fun to acknowledge it