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Freebie Friday – May 14, 2021

Happy Friday everyone, This week is a short and sweet because I’m short on time.  For all the planners who love to crochet.  It’s time to get busy . If you missed the previous crochet Freebie Friday 2018 can be found here and 2020 can

Freebie Friday – September 4, 2020

Hey Everyone, When I was younger my mother used to crochet all the time.  I can remember so many home made things from her.  She tried several times to teach me but I never had the patience or desire to learn it.  While on quarantine,

Freebie Friday – February 2, 2018

Today marks the 5th year anniversary of when my mother passed.  To honor my mother, I wanted to make this week’s feature her favorite hobbie.  My mother loved to make things and give them away as gifts.  She always had a crochet hook and yarn