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Freebie Friday – August 14, 2020

Happy Friday, I’m not going to lie.  This week’s Freebie Friday is one of the favorites among members and myself.  It is a popular one and I’ve been doing this subject pretty much every year.  We all have those days when we don’t feel all

Freebie Friday – November 1, 2019

Hey Everyone, I like to give a disclaimer out to everyone before we get too far into this post.  Caution this word could offend some.  To me this is just a word and over the years it has come to mean several different things to

Freebie Friday – August 10, 2018

Happy Friday Everyone, Disclaimer, I apologize if anyone is offended but I like to believe we are all adults and recognize this is just a word.  The word only has meaning when you make it so.  I had this topic last year and I was