8 Benefits to Printable StickersJuly 9, 2018December 17, 2019Sky

Hi Everyone!

One of the great things about planning is the diversity.  What might appeal to one person may not be another person’s cup of tea.  There are many different styles of planners, planning, accessories, and stickers.  I admit when I first joined the planning world; I was all about buying the stickers and collecting all the things.  As I discovered my style and what worked for me; I found that I prefer glitter washi and printable stickers.  As most of you know, I am a huge fan of Happy Planner and I love that I can change it up and make it work for me and what I need.  Unfortunately, I cannot do that with most of their sticker books.  Don’t get me wrong, I have several MAMBI sticker books and most I do not even touch.

As I thought about this, it became a new challenge for me to list (because lists are what I do) the benefits of printable stickers.  You may see yourself in some of these listed.

  1. Frugal – There is no need to purchase more stickers because you ran out.  If you have the PDF file, you can print what you need as you need it.  Therefore, saving you money and storage.
  2. Storage – This one is pretty obvious.  Storage on a USB Stick or computer verses physical stickers.  How many of us have stickers stacking up in our planning space that we never even look at?
  3. Shipping – If you order from Etsy, usually the shipping charge is more than the actual stickers.  With a printable all you have to do is download the file.  Saving you even more money.
  4. Size – You’ve bought the stickers and they end up being too big for your planner.  With a printable PDF file the problem can be easily resolved.  If you do not like the size of the PDF, you can reduce the size in Adobe prior to printing.  You do not need to purchase another set of stickers in a different size.
  5. Mistakes – If you mess up on a sticker you can reprint it to fix the mistake.  If you are using your last store bought sticker, you have to use a different one or go buy more.
  6. Options – With printable stickers you get the options to decide what you print on.  If you prefer to use a certain sticker paper, card stock or even regular copy paper you have that option.  When you purchase regular stickers, you do not always get the option of what sticker paper you want.
  7. Cutting – There are lots of options for how the stickers can be cut.  If you have a silhouette or a cricut, you can kiss cut the stickers like the store bought ones.  If you prefer a faster method with straight lines, you can use a paper slicer.  Another option is cutting the stickers out by hand.  Which is my personal choice because I find it very relaxing.
  8. Instant Gratification –  You can print it out the stickers when you want to or right away.  There is no waiting 2 or 3 weeks for the Etsy store to print and ship out to you.

If you would like to try some freebie printables and see how you like them, click here for a list of groups and websites that offer free printables.

Happy Planning,