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Review of MAMBI Weekly Box Punches

I admit I am a Happy Planner Addict.  The struggle is real.  If there is a new product from Happy Planner I have to try it out.  I couldn’t wait for the new Mambi Weekly Box Punches to get in stores.  Only to find out later that this item is only available online.  I waited

Purple Passion

I think we all have a favorite color that we are drawn to and love.  For me that color is purple.  Purple for me is very calming and represents peace.   Most of my planner is decorated in purple, which is why I had to create the Purple Passion Planner Stickers. I had so much fun

Think Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  To honor the month, I have created a set of Pink Planner Stickers for your planner needs. We all know of someone who has breast cancer, who has survived breast cancer or who we have lost due to breast cancer.  This serious topic hits very close to home for