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Freebie Friday – September 22, 2023

Happy Friday Everyone, Another week already?  This week’s topic is on something that I need more of and I thought maybe it should be shared.  We all get tired and worn out and don’t feel like doing anything.  This has been my life lately.  Time

Freebie Friday – December 2, 2022

Hey Everyone, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately on how I will proceed with 2023.  I will not lie the pandemic has taken its toll on my little corner of the internet.  I do know next year I want to focus more on

Freebie Friday – August 9, 2019

Happy Friday, This month marks a all moms seem to look forward to all summer long.  For planners it’s a fun time to shop and get deals on planner supplies at all the retail stores.  If you haven’t figured out which sale I speak of,