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Review of MAMBI Weekly Box Punches

I admit I am a Happy Planner Addict.  The struggle is real.  If there is a new product from Happy Planner I have to try it out.  I couldn’t wait for the new Mambi Weekly Box Punches to get in stores.  Only to find out later that this item is only available online.  I waited

The Extreme List of Free Planner Printables

The planner life can sometimes get to be expensive.  However there are ways to get around the expenses and have a pretty planner.  As mentioned in Planner Decorating On A Dollar Store Budget, one of the best methods is to use free printables. What is a printable?  A printable is a digital file that can be downloaded

Freebie Friday – July 28, 2017

Another Freebie Friday is here.  I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic this week and thinking about life. There is a quote that says, “Life is what happens when you are busy making plans.”  This week I’m turning it around and featuring Life Quotes to add some life to our planners. The stickers will fit most