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Freebie Friday – January 13, 2023

Hey Everyone, It’s Friday the 13th.  Just in case you did not know.  In two days, it will be National Bagel Day.  I don’t know about you; but I love bagels.  My favorite bagel is chocolate chip with honey almond schmear.  What’s your favorite? In

Freebie Friday – January 6, 2023

Happy Friday Everyone, Who is starting the new year on the Keto system?  I have personally never tried Keto but I do know it works for some people.  To get your fired up and to help you stay on target, this week’s Freebie Friday is

2022 Freebie Friday – Year In Review

Hi Everyone, Welcome to the year 2023.  Stay Positive that this year will be a great one.  As I usual it’s time to do a recap of all the Freebie Fridays for 2022.  In case you missed a week in 2022 here is all of