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Freebie Friday – July 23, 2021

Hey Everyone, This week is a special one to me.  We do not get to decide who is in our family.  Honestly, I do not have a lot of family but I do have some really great friends who have become my family.  Friends are

Freebie Friday – July 16, 2021

Happy Friday, When you hear the words Shark Week do you think of the Discovery Channel or do you think of that once a month visitor?  Either way these stickers are so cute and can be used for either.  I’m a little late for Discovery

Freebie Friday – July 9, 2021

Hey Everyone, Quick and short this week.  I lost track of time which indicates I need to plan my time better.  This is another new topic but one I thought would be fun to have in your planners.  Add some planner happy to your planners