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Freebie Friday – October 23, 2020

Happy Friday, November 4th, 2020 is National Candy Day.  Since Halloween is still coming I thought it would be a good time to celebrate and get ready for these two special days.  It’s too sweet to pass up. The freebie stickers will fit most planners

Freebie Friday – October 16, 2020

Hey Everyone, October 28, 2020 is National Chocolate Day.  I don’t know very many people that don’t like chocolate.  Chocolate is candy and with Halloween this month these Freebie Friday Stickers can be used more than once.  Enjoy and get your sweet tooth on. In

Freebie Friday – October 9, 2020

Happy Friday, Next Friday, October 16, 2020 is Boss’s Day.  This week’s Freebie Friday is dedicated to Boss’s Day.  Enjoy these stickers and share with a boss you appreciate. In case you missed out on previous Boss sticker quotes they can be found 2016 here,